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When the access to aid-in-dying medication is suddenly deemed illegal in California, a man with terminal cancer has no choice but to face a slow, painful death.

When the End of Life Option Act was deemed unconstitutional in May 2018, terminally-ill patients across California lost access to aid-in-dying medication. The End of Life follows the final days of terminally-ill patients left in limbo—including Wayne McKinny, an 85-year-old cancer patient with one month left to live, who now has no choice but to face a prolonged, painful death. But while some patients like Matt Fairchild support the right to die, other patients like Stephanie Packer stand firm on religious values.

What pushes a person to choose between living and dying? Science, religion, and law all converge at the end of life.

Year of Production: 2018

Running Time: 18 Minutes

Director & Producer

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